Monday, May 15, 2017

BOXYCHARM Unboxing for May

BOXYCHARM Unboxing for May

Ciao Everyone!! 

I received my BOXYCHARM May box last week and had so much fun unboxing it and trying out all the goodies that I was sent.  I had so many great surprises that I just had to share them all with you. 

I first wanted to say that BOXYCHARM is a monthly subscription for $21.00 US a month and YES... they do ship to Canada as well. Because I am Canadian my total price that they charge me for my BOXYCHARM comes to $35.78 monthly. It is totally worth it because every month the box total usually comes to over $100.00+ US.
This month's topic is Makeup is ART. 

Now, let's go and check out all the goodies. 

Up first in the box is a HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR PALETTE by IBY Beauty.
Personally, I have never heard of IBY Beauty Cosmetics before so I am super excited to try out a new brand. This Palette contains 3 Highlight shades and 3 Contour shades and because I am light/medium skin toned this palette was perfect for me.
The product itself is very nice, but just a bit powdery when dipping your brush into. I do not mind that so much... and it is not the most pigmented contour or highlighter ever, and again, I don't mind that. I can reapply as much as I like to get the results that I am looking for without looking too cakey. I really like this palette! The retail price of this palette alone is $40.00 US. 

What's up next?

Up next is the ROUND CONTOUR BRUSH by Crown Pro. This brush was made especially for Boxycharm because it has a logo of Crown and Boxycharm on the handle. 

I have tried Crown Brushes before and they are very good brushes and I love them. Ok, first off I have to say... I LOVE BRUSHES.... and whenever I get a box with make-up brushes in it, I am all over that.. haha. I was super duper excited to get this brush because I do not have anything like it in my brush collection.
This is a super soft paddle brush that can be used with any liquid, powder or cream products for a full coverage application and it also comes with a brush protector or cover to keep the bristles clean and dust free, also protecting the brush when you pack for travel. For me, the brush is a bit too big on my face to use as a Contour Brush but I absolutely love it for a foundation brush. The bristles are super soft and dense which apply my foundation beautifully. I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BRUSH!!!
The retail price for this Contour Brush is $24.99 US

What's up next? 

Up next in the box is a BROW BRUSH by The Brow Gal.
As I stated above, I LOVE BRUSHES and adding another brush to my collection makes me very happy, even a brow brush. This is a double ended brow brush that allows for precision in creating hair like strokes while filling in the brows. This is super soft as well and does a great job of filling in the brows. I love the spoolie on the end, it is excellent for brushing out the brows.
The retail price for this Brow Brush is $14.00 US

What's up next? 

Next thing that I am reaching for is the CONVERTIBLE BROW by The Brow Gal.
I always use an eyebrow pencil because I do not have brows, so I have to draw them on... which is no fun at all, but the pencil always works well for me, so I was a little skeptical about trying a brow powder. So... I penciled in my brows and then added this powder on the top of the pencil that I used. I think that I found a great way to make by brows stay on all day. WOW!! Usually, by mid-day, my brows would wear off and fade out somewhat, but with adding The Brow Gal powder to the top of the pencil it made my brows stay on perfect without fading or wearing off... score!!! I love it.
The compact that I got came in palette 02 which has a warm shade, neutral and an ash tone. It's perfect to mix and match to create your own personal shade. It can be used wet or dry and using the BROW BRUSH by The Brow Gal that was also included in the BOXYCHARM box was a perfect combination.
The retail price for The Brow Gal is $35.00 US

What's up next?

The last thing that is in the box is LIQUID GLOW by Temptu.
This is a limited edition collaboration with BOXYCHARM. Temptu introduces its first Liquid Glow that is hand-applied highlighter. Formulated to deliver a radiantly luminous complexion or to illuminate all over, this long-lasting formula is designed in a rose gold hue that flatters every skin tone and creates a natural lit-from-within glow.
Temptu usually makes liquid makeup used with an Airbrush Compressor which when used makes your skin look flawless. I was super excited to try this product out... I love glowy skin and the rose gold shade of this is gorgeous.
I applied this in several ways... using a sponge, using a brush and using my fingers. The best way to use this is with your fingertips. Using a sponge made the glow of this product disappear, which was the same result that I also got when applying it with the use of a brush... but the fingers allowed this product to really glow and create a beautiful highlight on the tops of the cheekbones. I really love this product and I am sure that it will last forever even though it comes in such a small bottle.
The retail price of this is $29.50 US

The overall value of this May BOXYCHARM was $143.49 US
I loved everything this month. What an awesome subscription company!! I also like getting BOXYCHARM every month because it is a surprise that comes to you in the mail every single month and it makes my day when it arrives. Truly so much fun!! 

Have you tried BOXYCHARM? What are your thoughts on it? What did you get in your May's BOXYCHARM box?
Leave your comments in the comment section below, I always love to hear from you all.

Have a really great day!!
Hugs & Kisses

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Micro USB Lighting Stainless Steel Cable

Micro USB Lighting Stainless Steel Cable

Ciao Everyone!!

I hope that you are all doing well today on this Sunny Saturday in May. 

Today I wanted to talk about something different other than make-up related... because I do have many other interests other than make-up. I am also interested in gadgets... oh yes, I love gadgets and love to test almost every gadget out there. 

This review is on the Micro USP Lighting Stainless Steel Cable. I bought it from Amazon for $14.95. The cable is 3.3ft, which is plenty long because I usually keep it attached to the USB port on my computer. I really love the Stainless Steel Cable. I got the silver one and also the gold one. My favorite is the silver. 

The cable itself is super sleek and easy to move around. It, for lack of a better word choice, glides when it moves, unlike most cables that get tangled and stuck, bend and you can not place them where you like them to stay... this one is so sleek and glides across the table which is one of the main reasons that I love it. 

Another reason that I love it is because it has a bit of a stretch to the cable. It's not much, but when you plug it into your USB port and then into your phone, you can notice a bit of a give or stretch to the cable. It is super strong so I am sure that I will not end up with the end breaking off of the cable, which so happens to me a lot with the regular iPhone cables, but this one has a very sturdy strong connection end. This cable is used for the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad. (This is what I use mine for and they work perfectly).

As you can see... the end is super strong and durable. I have had this cable for quite some time and use it a lot since I got it. I have no problems with the cord getting tangled, twisted or even exposing the wires at the ends... It really is amazing. 

The seller, "Tadrous Trading Co" offers many other USB cords as well, but my favorite is the stainless steel ones. I have the gold and silver, as I have stated above. They are both in the same great quality so you can choose which color of metal suits you the best. 

You can never have too many USP Lighting Cables.... right!!??!! ha ha 

What is your favorite Lighting Cable? Do you have more than just one USB Lighting Cable? 
Leave your answers in the comment section below... I love hearing from all of you. 

Have a great day!
Hugs & Kisses,